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AI-powered SEO tactics from an AI visionary

Don’t get left behind. Learn to future-proof your SEO strategy from an industry-leading AI SEO consultant.

As technology evolves, so does SEO. We need to evolve with it.

Take it from someone with 15+ years’ experience: AI will transform SEO as we know it, but we simply have to adapt and innovate.

Far from being fearful of the impact of AI on SEO and digital marketing, I’m excited by the opportunities it brings. There’ll be winners and losers, of course, but the former will be those who display resilience and adaptability.

To keep search engines onside, you must future-proof your SEO strategy and take control of your outcomes. I can support you in doing just that.

Ally or adversary? It’s how you use it that counts…

Many are convinced AI will lead to the “death” of SEO. I’m confident it will become our biggest weapon.

The SEO industry has been rocked by the rapid advancement of AI tools such as ChatGPT. Those who fail to evolve will lose ground, while those who automate and innovate using AI will unlock valuable new opportunities.

Unsure whether AI SEO tools will become friend or foe? Let a leading AI SEO specialist help you deploy this game-changing technology in the right way.

You either innovate or you stagnate.

Will artificial intelligence kill creativity? I believe it will help us rediscover it…

AI won’t replace content creators, but it will force (and support) them to be more innovative. Sure, it will become more difficult to stand out, but it can also help us all to think more creatively about SEO.

The SEO basics no longer require a high level of technical skill. Only innovation will preserve your future and take you to the next level — and I can help get you there.

Your time is priceless. AI’s is limitless.

Crafting a profitable SEO strategy takes time. Automation can use it wisely.

From keyword research to technical SEO tasks, maintaining organic traffic requires a lot of manual work. With AI, you can eliminate time-consuming processes and streamline your SEO workflow.

Want to discover how automation can maximise your productivity and enable you to spend time where it really matters? I can introduce you to time-saving AI-powered solutions.

AI SEO Services

Discover how I can help future-proof your business.

AI SEO Solutions

My award-winning SEO agency, Seeker Digital, is building AI-enhanced SEO strategies for our clients, maximising productivity and driving qualified search traffic.
AI SEO Consultancy

As a leading AI SEO consultant, I deliver expert advice on incorporating AI-powered solutions into an SEO strategy, providing ongoing support and expertise.
AI SEO Training

I share my knowledge and passion with your in-house teams through tailored training, equipping your business with the skills needed to navigate an uncertain future.
Speaking & Media

As an internationally-renowned SEO speaker with industry-leading insights on the role of AI in SEO, I’m available for conferences, podcasts, expert commentary, and more.
Automation & Machine Learning

I’ve developed machine-learning-based marketing and outreach solutions. Find out how I can help automate your business and streamline your SEO workflow.

A little more about me…

I made my name in link building, running outreach campaigns for large brands, ecommerce stores, agencies, and world-class SEOs, before launching my own SEO agency in 2016.

I’ve been a passionate advocate of the alliance between SEO and AI for some time. In 2019, I delivered a talk at BrightonSEO titled “Leveraging Machines for Awesome Outreach”, and I’ve continued to explore innovative ways to utilise artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning in SEO. 

As the influence of AI technology on the SEO industry intensifies, I’m at the forefront of this machine-led revolution. This situation hasn’t taken me by surprise — I’ve been planning and preparing for it for years, adapting my tactics and honing my skills accordingly.

My real strength lies in learning new things, embracing new innovations, and seizing opportunities.

Looking for a straight-talking AI consultant?

If you’re ready to embrace evolution, I’m here to guide you. 

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive AI SEO consultation, dynamic in-house training, or simply a little expert advice, you can count on my unparalleled experience and expertise. 


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