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Building Bristol’s businesses, one keyword at a time

Harbouring ambitions of local market dominance? As a Bristol native, I can help you succeed in this competitive landscape.  

A straight-talking Bristol SEO consultant without the hot air.

I’ve spent 15+ years honing my SEO expertise in ‘Brizzle’, and I know what it takes to make Bristol businesses soar.

As a creative hub with bags of character, Bristol is a unique and fast-moving market. There are opportunities galore for savvy local businesses, and an agile digital marketing strategy can help you captivate the city’s web users and unlock your true potential. 

If there are two things I know like the back of my hand, they’re SEO and Bristol. Discover how I can help you boost organic traffic, grow your brand, and achieve the local fame you deserve.

Be a Bristol beacon: dazzle search engines and outshine your local competitors.

Bristol is fiercely independent, yet fiercely competitive. Stand out from the crowd with leading-edge local SEO.

Bristol’s own Banksy might want anonymity, but your business shouldn’t. In a market already brimming with innovation, you need a dynamic local SEO strategy to get you noticed and drive your search engine rankings.

Looking to dominate the Bristol market before tackling bigger things? I’ve got the digital marketing expertise to cement your business as a local authority.

Your Bristol business deserves best-in-class SEO.

Don’t settle for generic, out-of-the-box SEO. Get tailor-made expertise that understands your market.

Organic traffic has the potential to drive game-changing ROI, but it ain’t a breeze. An effective traffic-driving strategy that compels search engines requires not only immense know-how, but someone who will take the time to learn the nuances of your business.

As a proud Bristolian, I want to see Bristol businesses thrive. That’s why you’ll get my undivided attention as well as my industry-leading SEO expertise.

Need comprehensive support? I’ve got a whole SEO team behind me.

My award-winning Bristol SEO company, Seeker Digital, delivers local-level precision on a global scale.

With a talented team of search marketing pros, technical SEO specialists, content creators, and outreach aficionados, we provide an extensive, industry-leading SEO service, employing dynamic digital marketing tactics to help local and international businesses grow.

Want to supercharge your online visibility? Discover Seeker’s industry-renowned SEO, link building, digital PR, and content marketing solutions.

Bristol SEO Services

Discover how I can help your Bristol-based business grow.

Bristol SEO Consultancy

As one of the area’s leading SEO consultants, I can advise your Bristol business on crafting a powerful digital marketing strategy that delivers tangible, lasting results.
Bristol SEO Training

I can help Bristol’s businesses level up their search engine optimisation skills through tailored in-house training, covering everything from technical SEO to Google Analytics.
Bristol SEO Agency

As the number one SEO agency in Bristol (in my estimation!), my award-winning SEO company Seeker Digital has built successful SEO strategies for a number of local and international clients.
Speaking & Media

I’ve spoken at some of the world’s biggest SEO events, and I’m ready to share my expertise via conferences, podcasts and more, delivering expert-level commentary and insights.
Investments & Assets

I specialise in owned digital equity, utilising my agency resources and experience to advise on making smart investments and buying, flipping, and selling digital assets.
Automation & Machine Learning

Through my experience of building automated marketing and outreach solutions, I can help streamline your SEO workflow to make your business work smarter, not harder.

About my ties to Bristol...

After making my mark as a link building specialist — helping big-name brands, ecommerce stores, agencies, and SEOs to run successful outreach campaigns — I launched my own Bristol SEO agency in 2016.

While owning and running the award-winning Seeker Digital, I also work as a freelance SEO consultant. With a nerd-level love of SEO and automation, I’m always looking for ways to work smarter, and I’ve helped Bristol brands large and small solve complex SEO problems, streamline their workflows, and increase their online reach through advanced link-building strategies.

I’ve spoken at many international SEO events, and delivered industry-leading training to help businesses master in-house outreach and SEO, but I’m always drawn back to Bristol. No matter how much I travel, I remain an ardent supporter of Bristol businesses and passionate about this one-of-a-kind city.

Looking for an experienced Bristol SEO consultant?

SEO expertise + ample local knowledge = the perfect Bristol-based SEO partner.

Whether you’re after some topline SEO advice, support with a specific SEO project, or a comprehensive organic traffic assessment, I can help. Connect with me today to see how I can support your Bristol business’s lofty ambitions.

Sound like a plan? Let’s get talking.